Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Bad Day Indulgence

Today=Bad Day
All around
My incredibly wonderful and incredibly thoughtful Mr. Steady decided the kiddos needed some fresh air.
He took them with him to help my dad cut wood.
We had no milk.
No, this doesn’t usually happen… I am usually much more on the ball, a plan-ahead, list-making kind of gal.
But the last few days…
Anyhoo… I went to the store.
I decided that I definitely needed some Mama Indulgence to go with the quiet time Mr. Steady was giving me.
So I treated myself to this:
Chocolate brownie cheesecake
Two Wonderful Magazines
I had the ginger peach tea on hand.
No, I did not eat the entire itty bitty cheesecake. I thought about it but I didn’t do it. Thought I should prepare ahead in case I need more cheesecake tomorrow.
Like for breakfast.


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