Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why I Homeschool....

Writing this makes me think of all the dreaded essays that started with “How I spent my summer vacation …”
Everyone wants to know what you did over the summer.
Everyone wants to know why you homeschool.
It is what it is.
1. I homeschool because I can.
2. I homeschool because Mr. Steady and I felt God telling us to.
3. I homeschool because it is the best choice for my family.
4. I homeschool because I enjoy it.
5. I homeschool because it is my right.
6. I homeschool because I like to make other people look at me funny ….
Hmm. Getting a bit snarky.
I didn’t start out as a proponent of homeschooling. It makes me laugh just thinking about what I use to think. My oldest, Ms. Books, had 3 years of co-op preschool and went to public school through 3rd grade. And I didn’t even blink about it.
And then it came to pass that my 2nd born became school-age. I did more than blink … My darling Sassafras is a day-dreamer with a sweet, sensitive, shy and quiet personality. She didn’t make friends as easily as Ms. Books and was easily hurt by others. My heart said I couldn’t send her away to preschool like I had with Ms. Books. So, I said to myself, “I can do preschool at home. No biggie.”
And I did. I found some great websites, bought some workbooks and we had fun learning together. And I never thought of what I was doing as homeschooling.

To be continued …


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