Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Delight and Heart's Desire

Delight yourself in the LORD and
He will give you the desires of your heart.
~ Psalm 37:4

Today my middle child, my Sassafras is 10 years old.
A whole decade.
Only ten short years ago, in the early evening hours, my heart grew …. To include the girl who has, in so many, many ways, enriched my life.
They say that when you become a mother your heart forever after, goes walking around in someone else’s body. I agree.
It also allows me to see the good in myself through my children … What an incredible gift that truly is!

Sassafras, my darling, in honor of your 10th birthday, here are 10 things I love about you …
1. I love your gi-normous smile with the dimple under your left eye.
2. I love your c-r-a-z-y infectious laugh. Other people might not know what’s so funny but they laugh when they hear you laugh.
3. I love your empathy; you have the most kindest heart and gentlest spirit of any person I know. You remind me of your Aunt Sandy.
4. I love your art. You are blossoming before my eyes with your artistic endeavors.
5. I love your enthusiasm- you go all out!
6. I love your genuine sweetness.
7. I love that you are full of “happy, happy, joy, joy”. You brighten my day, darling daughter.
8. I love to watch you interact with Mr. Conductor & Ms. Books. You all share a special bond.
9. I love the glimpses I see in you of the woman you will someday be. You still tell me you want to grow up to be a mommy and a homeschool teacher just like me …. I see in you a better woman than I and I know that you will succeed at these desires.
10. I love how you love Jesus with all your whole heart and with complete abandon and I pray, my dear sweet daughter, that this will not ever fade.
May it always be so.
My birthday prayer for you:
Lord Jesus,
Thank you so much for the gift of Sassafras and the joy that you have added to my life in her. Please bless her today on this very special birthday. Guard her heart Lord and may she never lose that empathy and vibrancy that she is known for. Lord Jesus, help her daddy and I to raise her in Your will and Your way. It is our prayer that she would grow up to be a wonderful godly woman.
In Your strong and mighty name, Amen.


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