Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Introduction, of a fashion

I am …
A wife of almost 16 years.
A mom for over 13 years to 3 wonderful, hilarious and crazy children (ages now- 13, 10, 6) plus a baby in heaven.
A homeschooler for 4 years.
A Christian for 31 years.
Alive 36 years.
Deeply and irrevocably in love with my husband.
A former youth pastor.
A sometimes scrapbooker- perhaps better said is “a scrapbook paraphernalia collector.”
The oldest of three children.
Married to a youngest son- 6th out of 9 siblings.
A college graduate with a degree in journalism.
A former newspaper reporter.
A gardener- flowers and herbs. [My hubby takes care of the veggies.]
Known for my sarcastic, biting wit and dry humor. Which has also been known to get me into some seriously hot water.
A country girl living in Small Town Rural America. Which is still too big for me.
Wishing and dreaming of a farm and 10 acres and an assortment of animals.
Currently living in a farmhouse style home on approx. ¾ acre one block off Main Street.
A lover and user of clothes lines- except when it’s below 0.
A reformed debtor and horrid credit card user. The cards are all gone now.
Currently working with Mr. Steady to get us debt-free but for the mortgage in 18 months. With the mortgage- 8 years.
A frugalista- I love Goodwill, thrift shops and second-hand stores.
Not a lover of garage sales- not enough patience.
Currently in the midst of my first Beth Moore Study. And I like it- even if she is kicking my hind-end.
A planner and ultra-organized.
A maker and checker-offer of lists. Lots of lists. And I color-code.
A teacher of the older grades in my weekly homeschool co-op.
A Nut according to my children and their friends and my friends, and my husband ….
All of this and so much more.

Me with my oldest ...


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