Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Homeschooling Curriculums I've used ....

That first year (2006) I used Sonlight for both my girls. Ms. Books was in 4th grade and Sassafras in 1st. I used Core 3+4 and Core 1 respectively. We enjoyed it but it wasn’t nearly as thrilling as the curriculum I found the next year- and none of us enjoyed the Language Arts portion- it just didn’t suit our girls learning styles.
The next year (2007) I found a wonderful new little company called WinterPromise and tried it out on Ms. Books, while continuing Sonlight with Sassafras and putting my own preschool curriculum together for Mr. Conductor. 2008- I had all three kiddos using WinterPromise with a bit of tweaking and adding of my own. This school year, we have continued with WinterPromise with my own added flare.
Ms. Books seriously enjoys WinterPromise’s Language Arts program while I use Queen Homeschool’s Language Lessons series for Sassafras and Mr. C. We use Horizons Math, Reason for Handwriting, Sequential Spelling and Latina Christiana also. Our Science is Apologia’s Astronomy.
I am currently in love with all the materials we are using and plan to pretty much stick with them all.
As for all the “extras”- We continue to belong to the wonderful homeschool co-op group that I mentioned at the beginning of this series where each of the kids takes 1 or 2 classes specifically plus a group art and gym class in the afternoon. [Right now Ms. Books is taking Michigan History, Sass has 2 classes- an American Girl’s Kit Class and American Sign Language, Mr. C belongs to the preschool-K class.]
The kids are all involved in Bible quizzing through our church and help with various service projects.
We also, all 3 plus me, take a watercolor painting class with a family friend.
That seems like plenty a lot to me! We aim to make family time a priority over all of it and tend to gravitate towards activities that we can do as a family.
It has all been good. Even the bad days have been good.
We have all learned together and have grown together. Our family is much closer, especially my relationship with Ms. Books. My dear friend was right- homeschooling has made all the difference for us.

photo: Our Homeschool "Logo"


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