Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Homeschool beginnings Part 3

Our homeschooling beginnings story continues still …. if you haven't read the previous posts I doubt you'll be too confused ...

At the end of the summer when I was gung-ho to place an order from a homeschooling curriculum company, Mr. Steady put the brakes on. He felt that we should send Sassafras to public school for that first year- to give her a chance and see how it went. My heart hurt mightily but I put on a stiff-upper lip and chose to follow my dear husband’s leading. I won’t say that I didn’t struggle and chafe at the bit of public school. It was a long, hard, painful and extremely difficult year but thru the course of events, Mr. Steady and I really saw, quite clearly, the writing on the wall, We were meant to homeschool.
During that year of public schooling I didn’t want, my sweet homeschool group allowed me to stay with them, knowing that it was our desire to homeschool the following year, plus I had Mr. Conductor at home.
I used that painful year to study and learn as much as I could about different learning styles, teaching methods and all things homeschooling. I nearly drove my friends crazy. I watched them all as they homeschooled that year, watching and listening to their triumphs and battles; paying attention to the cycles of when things got tough and how to combat that ¾ of the year itch to be done … I took notes with my eyes & mind as well as with pen and paper.
This was one of those defining moments in my life-- moments when God taught me patience and diligence in a sweet refining way. I learned and I grew and it was ultimately for our good.
And so at the end of August 2006 we officially started our homeschooling adventure.
And it’s been great.

Next I discuss what curriculum we’ve used and abused ….


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