Friday, February 26, 2010

A Good Place

So many words I want to string together and share here …

yet they dry up before I can get them all out …
Life is as life is … busy and full.
And blessed.
Very Blessed.
School continues to trot at a quick pace, kids doing well, learning, laughing and loving …
there are days when I sit in the midst of all the chaos of the schoolroom and look at them all working and interacting and I am breathless.
What a gift I have been given.
Family time is precious and we continue to cocoon ourselves in it … making family time a high priority.
Our new church family has become such a dear, dear treasure to us. We find ourselves enveloped and loved, renewed and blessed.
Once again, revolving our lives around church activities, weaving our time in and out… yet there is such peace and joy in it … so incredibly different from before.
I am no longer the busiest person in the family with church activities. I am on the peripheral. I am finding that I like this- a lot.
I find incredible joy in not being the one people go to- I love to watch my husband and children blossom and grow in ways that were never possible for them before- for me to glide peacefully in the background, enjoying their successes.
It is a continual wonder to me.
I am not all known. My growing up, my past, my failures- do not follow or haunt me here.
I am me.
I like the me I am here.
This is a good place.


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