Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Continuing with our Homeschool beginnings

Continuing the saga of how, once upon a time,
a bit more than four years ago, we began to homeschool ….

The next year would have been young 5’s and I opted to keep Sassafras home. At this point a dear friend, who had just started homeschooling, pointed out that I was homeschooling too and invited me to join her every Tuesday at a local church for a small homeschool group. The group was just starting- very new, it had grown out of the local MOPS group- thru MOPS a few like-minded moms found that they were all desiring to homeschool and decided to meet together once a week to pool resources and create a social network for themselves and their children. I casually knew most of the moms and allowed myself to be invited, after I also invited my dear sister-in-law who had been homeschooling on her own for a few years (and who I had once thought was crazy for doing so). And that is where my adventure really began. I fell in love with this group, I saw how they interacted and how the children behaved, grew and learned and I began to feel a stirring, a yearning in my own heart for the same.
At this point my oldest and I were a bit like “oil and water”—too much alike actually. I was at a point where I wanted to homeschool Sassafras but wasn’t sure I was up to the challenge of Ms. Books. As the enjoyable school year ended and I was faced with stepping out of the group, I thought to myself, “Can you homeschool one child and send another to public school?” I was assured that many others before me had done this but my now very dear friends suggested that I really try to homeschool both girls. They encouraged me greatly, especially one dear lady who is now one of my very bestest friends- she spoke to me about homeschooling actually improving my relationship with Ms. Books.
I must say that intrigued me!
Mr. Steady and I discussed the matter and prayed about it. A lot.
We decided on a trial run … I would do a 4 week unit study with the girls over the summer to see if this was something we were serious about.
We all enjoyed it.
But (there’s always a “but”)

To be continued ….


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